About Lucky 7 Clothing
In a bit over 15 years, we have made it our mission to produce a line of Tees that not only fits great but also stands out amongst the hundreds of brands out there. Made with high quality fabrics, each one of our product is knitted with blends of cotton that vary between 100 g to 170 g. All the garments are, treated, washed and finally sorted in Montreal. Our design team is constantly working on developing new styles and fits in order to differentiate ourselves from the numerous brands out there.
We strictly use the finest knitting techniques in order to give our garments that sophisticated look. We put a huge emphasis on detail examining each garment and its components in order to achieve the perfect final product. Lucky 7 strives to be the perfect example by delivering timeless products to satisfy customers at all levels. Today’s t-shirt is no longer a simple under garment. It has become an important part of everyone’s wardrobe.
Over the past few years we have expanded our line to include many pieces outside the T-shirt mold like sweatshirts, long line shirts and hoody’s and more fashion forward pieces. For a company that started off only doing Tees, we have certainly grown to become a staple brand amongst premium retailers. Our design philosophy is casual yet sophisticated. Established on the principle of adding modern twist to the past classics
Today Lucky 7 is carried by over 400 retailers in Canada, the US, the Middle East and Europe.